Who we are

After deep research,analysis and intensive hard work, we’ve developed powerful algorithims that reduce cart abandonment, increase conversion rate and optimize your users journey.

Proudly made in Brazil and idealized by partners who breath conversion since the beginning of the internet in 1995, ShopBack development started in October 2013, the idea was to create an unique user retention "SaaS" multi-platform different than everything we have seen before. We're tired of the same old news! Tough, right? But if it ain't tough, it ain't for us!

Basic premisses: our clients invest millions per year on user-acquisition bringing users to their websites, however they don't invest 1/10 of this budget on user retention!

Therefore officially born in October 2014, ShopBack started business in Brazil with unique solutions focusing on optimizing the conversion rate of the 98% of the users who abandons our clients website without leaving a trace! Just as unique as our solutions, were our implementation process! So unique that only our IT team and probably Bill Gates could installed it, so difficult it was! We thought our clients IT could do better, bad guess...

Anyway, if you know about a perfectly born start-up please show us! In our view, start-ups are born to make mistakes but the most important is to learn from those mistakes!

Realizing about this huge one, we've had rebuilt our 1-year project in 5 months! Extra late hours of work, nights with no sleep having greasy pizzas on the desk, some more mistakes and this was all part of what we've had to go through in order to rebirth. And then in February 2015 we're officially back on track again!

With a 5-minute setup, we've built a team ready to help our clients in every ways such as setup, custom templates, personalized solutions, whatever you want you just have to ask!

We still work overnight, but we've left the greasy pizzas aside coz we want to be with you for a while (now we have sushi)! But the best of it, is that our road-map is full of new features and unique solutions that even our website can't cope with so many updates!

We focus night and day on features and solutions to optimize our clients conversion rates (soon you too!).

We like to be called "The Flash" of the development and innovation! So please always ask us what's coming next or what's not on our website, we certainly have something!

We want you to be part of our Dream-Team of more than 900 sites worldwide! Trust us, we have a solution fit to you! And our team is ready to prove you that yes, we're different than everything you've seen before!