ShopBack believes that part of its mission is to fight for a market ruled on the privacy of users in the digital environment. We are one of the most enthusiastic about the regulation of this market in Brazil and We follow the rules now applied in more mature market with American and European.

The purpose of this privacy policy is to give comprehensive information to consumers about the information we collect and how we use that information.

Every collection and analysis of data is done anonymously, so that no personal data is identifiable. Thus, no data that can reveal who is the user - name, email for example - is used.

We are connected to thousands of websites and blogs where we capture information of interest and navigation intentions on products, enabling our customers and partners to have a richer view about the profile of your audience, and thus can provide customized content and advertising to many existing profiles.

All sites and blogs should mention in its privacy policy that users of that property can make use of cookies and your information to generate a content or advertising more relevant to users.

ShopBack offers the collected data to advertisers that their customers can use them through various forms of advertising placement, among them the programmatic media buying.

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